21. 10. 2003  
PRA/ Cataract neg. (05), vertebral calcification test 0
Owners: Inari and Kimmo Kuisma, kennel KESKI-MAAN, Finland

very good I. (junior class)
excellent (working class)

FIN JVA - Finnish tracking champion
2x SchwhK I.pr. (47), (48)
3x SchwhK II. pr. (38)
SchwhK - winner class III. pr. (28)
SchwhK - winner class I.pr. (43)
SchwhK - winner class I.pr. (48)
SchwhK - winner class I.pr. (47)

BANJO's offsprings:
Keski-Maan FIRITH:
Interchasnpion, Champion of Finland, Sweden,  working champion - tracking, Smooth bitch of the year in Finland 2008, 8x excellent, CAC/J, 3x CAC Finland, r. CAC, 1x CAC Norway, BOS, 2x CACIB, res. CACIB, SchwhK II.pr. , 2x SchwhK I.pr.

Keski-Maan FRODO: 
Swedish bloodtracking champion, excellent, CAC
Keski-Maan FALMA:  Fox den trial C, 39 points
Keski-Maan FANG: excellent 2x CAC, BOB, BOS


Keski-Maan FIRITH - hladkosrstá fena roku Finska 2008!!!



International dog show- Oulu, Junior class:
Very good of type good-lined bitch. Well-formed head. Yet a bit light nose. Good neck and forebreast. Thorax could be longer. Well angled limbs. Sceletally all right. Moves well. Could show herself a bit more livelier. Junior classs-very good. 

Working tests: 
Blood tracking test Pedersöre
Tracking willingness:   5  (scale 0-6)
Tracking sureness:       8  (0-12)
Advancing:                   8  (0-10)
Ability to go through the corners, where the elk lied down, the cut in the trail and showing / barking at the booty                              10  (0-14)
Behaviour at the booty  3  (0-3)
General appearance        4  (0-5)
Clearing the shot             OK
Total points:                    38
Prize: Open class 2

Test protocol: The start goes calm and well. Started a little doubtfully but became better later on. The first stretch goes with one small control round to the side of the track. Marked lie-down. Corner goes well. Second stretch well. Marked the second lie-down. Corner goes well. At the end of the third stretch meets birds that fly up from the track. Goes too far from the track. Misses. Is shown back to the track and keeps well on it. Comes up to the rabbit, licks it and stays beside it. 

Blood tracking test Ist prize
Blood tracking Ist. prize
Blood tracking IIIrd prize - winner class

Banjo is grand mother, Keski-Maan Firith has puppies in Finland


 puppies from Banjo and Keski-Maan Boromir


BANJO with her second litter in April 2008

Keski-Maan FIRITH, 3,5 month - 6 month / Firith at dog show Tampere and together with Keski-Maan Caran

5 weeks old puppies from BANJO Grand Amity - 3 bitches and male dog FRODO at last two pictures

BANJO with puppies by Ch. Keski-Maan HALTIA

BANJO 1 year


BANJO in Finland


weeks, just before flight to Finland

BANJO - 7 weeks