born on: 28.2.2007
  breeding selection: 1n/A/5 
  PRA/Cataract neg., OI frei (prostá), genetický test NPHP4 - PRA cear (prostá)
2x BOB
Junior BOB
Champion Slovakia
Champion CZ
Juniorchampion CRO
Juniorchampion Slovakia
Juniorchampion CZ
Junior Grand Prix Slovakia winner 2008
Veteranchampion CZ
Veteranchampion WUT (in process)
Veteranchampion Slovak Dachshund Club (in process)
4x r. CACIB
6x CAC
5x res. CAC
res. CAC VDH
very promising IV. (baby class)
4x very promising I. (puppy class)
3x V1, best veteran
24x excellent
"U" - all round working dog
"diviaèiar" - wildboar hunt specialist
ZV (Sp) I.pr. (184), scent 4, loudness 4
LZ (Vp) I.pr. (248) scent 4, loudness 4, blood track 4
Mem. J. Bodejcka IInd place
Pohár SÈ poboèky I.c. (229), 6th place, blood track 3
LZ (Vp) I.pr. (238) scent 4, loudness 4, blood track 3
BZ (SchwhK) I.pr (120), r. CACT, blood track 4

BhfK 84 (100% points)
Mem. F. Vysloužila - BL III.H (44)
Mem. Rudolfa Kristla - III.pr. (276) scent 3, loudness 4, blood track 1
Klubové farbiarské skúšky durièov KFSDJ - II.c. (87), tracking 3
HZ I.c. (196), loudness. 4, scent 4, tracking 4
Sp- - Austria I.pr. (100), loudness 4
Mem. F. vysloužila - BL  - I.H/I.H (64/64)
MSBLJ I.H/II.H (64/56)
BhFK France II.pr. (92)
2 x BhFK Polland I.pr. (100/100), CACIT




Éclair  irst time in veteran class

BhFK France

Diploma from Spurlautprüfung in Asutria

Dachshund club show - Jevicko - 3rd BIS of honour class dogs

Claire 3 month after puppies' birth hunting again :-)

Mem. F. Vyslouzila - BL (by Strbske pleso) and MSBLJ 2012

Den-Hunting 2011

work on wildboar

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCwRmncuonA

Éclair na Memoriálu R. Kristla (mezinárodní všestranná soutìž) / Éclair at R. Kristl Memorial (international all round trial)
(Photo Hana Spalová, kennel Amery)

water test - duck retrieving

Work in forrest - following and blood track

Work in field - searching the pheasant

Éclair stands 2010

Arma and Éclair at the show Mlada Bolelsav 2010 and after the show

we have too much snow, that dachshunds can pass the fence :-) (Eclair in winter 2010)

Éclair on a hunt for a wildboars

Éclair at J. Bodejcek Memorial (Pict. S: Sehnalikova)


 Claire at vintage

 Claire - training on blodtrack

Claire - finding wildboar  video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi-4n7KHOU8

Claire  training with wildboar  video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4K5ZNGYjPg


Éclair at Pohar Støedoèeské poboèky 2009

Éclair at Mlada Boleslav 2009

Éclair with bowl for LZ (equal to Vp) winner / and with Bowls for 2nd place at J. Bodejcek Memorial and res. CACT

Éclair hunting = very tired dachshund :-)

Éclair at NV Ostrava - relaxing


Éclair at IHA Brno and on vacation

Éclair loves snow and hunting

CLAIRE on a hunt

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity at dog show Leipzig

Int. show Mladá Boleslav - time for show and for a games

Éclair at IHA Nitra (picture: J. Dobsinsky), IHA Brno

ÉCLAIR at show Velika Gorica

ÉCLAIR at Sp test 11.5.2008

Eclair at BhfK, 8.5.2008

Few pictures from Spurlaut training

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity at IHA in Èeske Budìjovice (photo Spalovi)

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity at national show Ostrava

/ .. and Éclair on visit in kennel "Magic Seven"

 ÉCLAIR at basic classification of hunting breeds

 ÉCLAIR at show Nitra (with her friend Nessie z Chotuckých alejí).


ÉCLAIR at IHA Prague



ÉCLAIR is presenting at Int. show Zagreb, posing with bowl and with her smooth friend Bretagne and paying in a hotel room

Blood track training

Special  dachshund show Holýšov 17.2.2008

 ÉCLAIR was a little bit bored at the show

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity at show ring and when playing with young Delaware CARA (foto H. Spalová a D. Johanová)

Éclair Grand Amity at IHA Nürnberg - 1st picture with our co-traveller Toklarama's Agréable (owner J. Vocetka, kennel Eupatrid)

CLAIRE on a hunt for wildboars - (video *MPG, 3,5MB).

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity on a hunt for wildboars with longhaired Kerry Amery, Victoria Amery, Clér Amery, Blanka du Chene Daniele, Kety ze Rpetské stránì and Alibaba vom Vosecky.

ÉCLAIR at international dog show Wels and in hotelroom with her new mate Nessie

Int. show Praha - Éclair Grand Amity, Éclair and her father Suddebok Voronoff, Suddebok Voronoff - BOB, BOG (owner: C. Geerts)

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity in show-stand - 8 month


 ÉCLAIR aports duck from water in her 6 month

ÉCLAIR  in Mlada Boleslav with her sister Elanor

Ecalir has water as new home - she find big fish and defend it against all enemies :-)  - 5 month

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity 4 month