Owner: František Bábík, Ratíškovice
Breeding selection: 0n/ALV/5


Champion CZ
2x CAC
2x r. CAC
Honour class winner
5x excellent
2x very good

Pohar Středočeské pobočky - 3rd place
res. CACIT
2x res. CACT
ZV (Sp) I.c. (188), sp. 4, scent 4
Club Schwhk trial I.c. (156), blood track 4
ZN (BhFK) (84)
Mem. F. Vyslouzila - BL SK I.H/II.H (64/56)
MSBLJ II.H/I.H (58/64)
BZ (SchwhK) I.pr. (110), bloodtrack 3
LZ (Vp) I.pr. (244) , scent 4, spurlaut 4, bloodtrack 4
SBS (SchwPoR), spurlaut 4, bloodtrack 4



Ben z Rohateckých zahrad          Bond z Rohateckých zahrad




SchwPoR WUT, Úberherrn

Fraser at SchwPoR - res. CACIT

Fraser at Pohar Stredoceske Pobocky 2013

FRASER Grand Amity in a hunt for pheasants 2013. 

Fraser Grand Amity at Club SchwhK 2012, 3rd. place.

Fraser at Mem. F. vyslouzila and MSBLJ and at Club show Jevicko

Fraser at shows Int. Brno and Club Pilsen

Fraser at Spurlaut. trial

FRASER Grand Amity at Int. dog show Brno

Fraser Grand Amity at the dog show Olomouc.


NV Ostrava - Fraser Grand Amity

Frase and Fanika Grand Amity hunting foxes

8 month

 FRASER Grand Amity - 3 month

FRASER Grand Amity - 10 weeks

Fanika and Fraser are leaving to their new home

8 weeks

6 weeks