Ich.Suddebok VORONOFF                  Ch. ARMA od Baraního dolu        

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  * 16.12.2005
Name Sex Člp Remarks
DOUGLAS male 70827  
DAISY female 70828 very good
DIANA female 70829 CAC, excellent, 3x very good / 1m/AP/5 / ZV (Sp) (152), BZ (SchwhK) (113), LZ (Vp), blood track 4,2,  scent 3, loudness 4,  ZN (BhFK) (84), breeding licence
DANCY female 70830 ZV (sp) I. pr. (169) scent 4, loudness 3, ZN (BhFK) (84)
DAYVA SHEGODAY female 70831 Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, Champion of national dachshund club, very promising, excellent, 2x 2nd BIS puppy,  BIS, BIS II., BIS III., 3x  BIS-IV, best hunting dog, 9x BOB, 2x BIG, 11x CW, 6x CACJ, 4x CAC, 2x CCC, CACIB, CAC VDH, CAC DTK / Contact BhFK - 2nd degree diploma, Contact BhFK price


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DAISY                             DANCY                     DAYVA SHEGODAY                   DIANA



Ich. Suddebok VORONOFF
7,90kg, Sp. 4, PRA/Cat. neg
Interchampion               SP/J I.p. (100)
Champ. VDH, DTK        SchwhK
Champ. Belgie              MRV II.c.
Champ. Francie            BhFK (FR) 
Champ. ČR, SK
Champ. WUT
Kl. vít. Belgie     
Kl. vít. Francie     
Kl. vít. Rakouska             
2x Landessieger   
2x Bundessieger 
2x BIS
9x BIG                       

GS. CARLOS vom Roggenhof
excellent            Gebrauchsieger
                         Sp/J, Sp
                         BhFK, Vp

GS.HASSO v. Haussteter Brok
Exc/GS,Sp/J,BhFN, BhDN, Vp..

GS. GAUNER vom Schwarzen Moor

FANNY vom Schwarzen Moor

MERLE vom Passmoor
Exc../ Sp, Vp, St, BhFK

GS. TIMO vom Passmoor

GS. DORIA vom Passmoor

IaCh.JURASSIC Des Horles DeLa Vieille Voye
Ch. Belgie  .         IACh.
2x BIG                Gebrauchsieger
3x BOB               Sp/J
3x CAC               Vp/J 

IaCh. Suddebok MALIK
Ch. Belgie, 2xBIG / GS, Interchamp. work.,Fr.

Ich, IACh. Suddebok KAKAO

IACh. Kobbedus INKA

IaCh.DIANA Des Horles DeLa
Vieille Voye

Exc., r. CACIB / 3x CACIT, Sp/J, Vp, St, BhFK, SchwhK

BOBBY du Sarrethal - Sp, Vp/r.CACIB

AITA du Schiffwasser - Sp / Exc.

Ch. ARMA od Baraního dolu
7,30kg, 1m/ARV/5, Sp. 4,4, PRA neg.
BOB                      ZV I.c., LZ I.c.
Vítěz Slovenska          HZ I.c, BZH I.c.
Národní vít. LT             BZ I.c.,ZN (84)
Champ. CZ, SK          MRK III.c.
Champ. PL, SLO        MSBL I.D.(72)
Champ. WUT             BL I.V. (72)
2x Nejl. fena              MRV I.V (100)
3x r. CACIB               Norník 
CAC LT                     4x CACIT
2x CAC SLO              2x CACT (HUN)
CAC VDH                 "U"
Oblastní vítěz             Wa/T

Ich. MARTY z Kozíčku
Interchamp.           norník
Ch. CZ , SK          diviačiar
BIG                      MSBL I.H
5xBOB                 ZV I.c.
                           HZ, BZ,LZ I.c.

IRK della Porta di Pietra

LE KING des Treize Fontaines

QUEEN vom Leoprechting

GAJA z Hetmanskiej stanicy

Ch. NICO v. Windmühlenberg


DINA z Ondřejnických lesů
velmi dobrá          r. CACT
                          ZV I.c.
                          BZ I.c.
                          LZ I.c.

AMOR z Chotára

Ch. NICO v. Windmühlenberg

FANNY od Marcelky

ZORA od Řeky Lomnice
norník, CACIT, ZV I.c., MSBL I.D

Norník NERO z Jarohněvic

IVETA Staccato


News from Russia: Dayva Shegoday Grand Amity offsprings NABOB NABOKOV Tarantela.Rus and NEFERTARI TARA Tarantela.Rus are at pictures in summer issue of Russian "Dachshund magazine". They were at Russina club show, where Neferatri Tara wom Club winner title,   Nabob Nabokov Excellent 1, CAC. Then he was beaten by this year's World Winner Protsionus Carambol.

While Nabob Nabokov continues his show career in autumn (obtained 2x CACIB and 1x BIG at Ukrajina, CACIB in Russia and Luxemburg, Nefertari Tara became a mother - so our Arma is grand-grand mother for the first time! Sire of "T-litter" at kennel "Tarantela.Rus" is World Winner 2011 Protsionus Carambol.


First snow


Bitches 1-4 and male-dog Douglas -6 weeks old

Bitches 1-4 and male-dog Douglas - 5 weeks old

6 weeks

5 weeks

Three weeks

Between one and two weeks


Puppies are just one day old.....