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No time for internet again, but it doesn't meen, we do nothing. Haida gave birth to three offsprings, black and tan male NERO BLACK, wildboar male NORBERT and female  NYILAH. It was hard job Nero with Nyilah went out with surgery.
Pictures of puppies here

Our young ladies Lorraine and Little Ann was succesfull in working trials.

Lorraine: PZ II.price, BZH  II.price., ZVVZ (St) I.price., Slovácký pohár (LZ (Vp) I.price + BZ (SchwhK) II. price), Den trial Hungary - I.price., CACT HU, Wild boar in Hungary II.c, water test passed (32) - Hungary, International contact BhFK SK I.c wiped out / I.c grabs - CCT, CACT SK, CACIT, Internatinal contact BhFK SK II.c. hlasič / I.c. grabs.

Little Ann got Ist price and CACT at den trial in Hungary (fox), at  J. Bodejček memorial ( LZ I.c., + BZ I.c.) finnished fifth and got diploma of International beauty chympion - C.I.B.

Our offsprings: daughter of Little Ann - MOREEN Grand Amity finnished excellent 2 at club show (16 entered bitches in her class), passed ZV (sp) and ZN (BhFK95) and she's stud bitch
KOBUK Grand Amity lost his title very tightly - I. c. davič / I. c. vyhaněč.

Big pleasure for me are Kobuk Grand Amity's offspring:
Kobeddus OMBRA MAI FU: CAC, r. CACIB, 11x CACT HU (3x den, 1x wildboar, 7x bloodtrack )
Kobeddus O'MANON: Junorchamp. of Monaco, Itally, WUT, Italianchampion, CACIB, res. CACA at European dog show, CACT HU - Spurlaut, SchwhK zden test, APOE, APUE, water test
Kobeddus OOLONG: Sp/J I., BHP-G I.a, ESW/J, SchwhK/J I., SchwhK/40 I., Vp I., BhFK95
ORKA z Ratíškovských vinohradů:  CAC SK, CACIB, ZN
ORRY z Ratíškovských vinohradů - ZV I.c., ZN
BROK ze Smrčkova revíru: Slovakian special show junior winner, CAJC

An in winter - traditionally lot of hunting and walking.  



Haida was mated with VALDA z Dolanske chalup again. Last mating was not succesfull, so I hope, now everything will goes fine. It is deffinitelly  last mating for Haida.  

Our youngest girls was succefull at shows and trials. LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů won in Nitra Exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOS and finnished Slovak championat and internatonal championat C.I.B., in February got title Czech championin Brno. She also won Slovácký pohár (SchwhK + Vp) and got her seccond CACT. .

LORRAINE Grand Amity passed HZ (St.)  in I st price and finnished sixth in Club working cup. 

And all autumn and winter we were hunting.....



Haida has been mated!

Haida starts heat two month earlier. So we went formariage with Ch. Valda z Dolanské chalupy
If everything will be OK, Haida will have her last litter


Our youngest lady Lorraine started at Club den trial at Slovakia.  She finnished twice in I.st price, 100%points and finally was 2nd from 35 dogs. She also got CÁCT!



No time for internet again ;-) .

Our youngest LORRAINE Grand Amity  passed internetaional dog show Litoměřice and obtained Excellent 2, res. CAC. She also passed some working tests - In Pillichsdorf, Austria SFK - passed and Spurlaut - I.c. 92 points. In Czech republic basic working test - I.c. 184 points, BhFK 95  84 points, Vp I.c. 240 points - winner, SchwhK I.c. 88 points - winner. And she obtained breeding licence.

KOBUK Grand Amity was also at IHA Litoměřice and got Excellent 1, CAC, twice passed international den trial  - MSBLJ I.D/I.D (100/90), a MSBL I.D/I.D (90/90) - time 23 seccond and 34 seccond. He also had great offsprings in kennel Kobeddus - Kobeddus O' Manon is Juniorchampion of  Monaco, passed Sp/ I. pr. and 2x SchwhK/J I. pr. and III. pr. Kobeddus  Ombra Mai Fu  is excellent at show, passed: Spurlaut/J  I.c. 100 points,  APOE/J  APUE/J - Kobeddus Oolong passed Spurlaut/J , BhFK95/J ans ESW/J.

Kobuk at den test and in IHA Litomerice

Kobuk's offsprings in kennel  "z Ratíškovských vinohradů" and Kobuk's daughter Kobeddus Ombra Mai Fu

KERRY Grand Amity passed international den trial - MSBLJ, with 2x I proce,  CACIT, CACT SK I.V/I.V (100/100), and finnished at 10th placeprom 90 dogs. MSBLJ also passed zheir mother HAIDA Grand Amity -  I.D/I.V (90/100)

                                                                Kerry, Kobuk and Haida

ÉCLAIR Grand Amity obtained WUT working champion title


And of course our puppes, thea already have their loving famillies:

           MALIK BLACK                      MAYA                                MEGGIE                         MELIKAH                   MOREEN





Little Ann and Lorraine attended shows - Annie got at IDS Brno res. CAC, on Sunday got her first "very good"
Lorraine (photo) got at International show Brno and Special club show Holýšov very good and succesfully passed breeding selection with code 0m/5 (dark eye, wildbouar colour, excellent character).

Little Ann has wedding with Kobuk



Las autumn ad winter is hunting time for us, Christmass vacation time, so we have no time for internet :-)
But my dogs still worksLITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů - finnished natural wildboar hunting test in III. rd price (173 points). And she made me heppy several times in her first hunting season, she helped to hunt wildboars and succesfully tracked woulded one. 

Another news from our dog familly: at this time KATMAI Grand Amity has puppies (ire is Ch. Odeon od Vévody Huberta) in kennel  Axally and also GREYA Grand Amity (sire Ch. Valmont of Happytails) in kennel  od Hradu Hus.  Greya's son Keks was excellemt, res. CAC, and daughter Kim 2x excellent.
And KOBUK Grand Amity mated high quality bitch Kesy z Ratíškovských vinohradů.

LORRAINE Grand Amity develops very well, we making long trips with friends and she also attended one hunt.


And greeting from Lassie




Little Ann passed another trial - wildboar search (BZH) in 1st price, 204 points and finnished 2nd.

AI have also sad news, in last weeks passed away two stud dogs bred in our kennel - working and show champion FRASER Grand Amity and brother of our Éclair ELROND Grand Amity. Both had happy, hunting life.




Three weeks working test marathon for LITTLE ANN z Ratíškoských vinohradů. She passed four exams during three weekends. At first, we went to Slovakia for contact den test. She passed it in I.st price, 64 points, grabs mouth-to-mouth. Then we went to Jiri Bodejcek Memorial - SchwhK + Vp. Ann finnished 2nd at Vp (Ist price, 258 points) and 1st at SchwhK - (1st price, 112 points) and finally won Jiri Bodejcek Memorila and got CACT (her older sisetr Kesy finnished seccond)
And las weekend dhe passed PZ (test with scent, spurlaut and searching and retrieving of duck from water, pheasant and hare) in 2nd price, 193 points.
At the age of 2 years Annie has passed 10 different working tests and one Memorial, wich she won.



We're not wasting time ;-)

LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů passed another two working tests - SVP (Wa-T) - water work II.nd price, 66 points and  ZVVZ  (St)- searching and hunting in woods in Ist price, 92 points.  She was on 3rd place, behind our breed KOBUK Grand Amity  and her half-sister Kesy z Ratíškovských vinohradů.



And few pictures from spring and summer :-) 



No time for nternet, but it doesn't mean, that we did not anything :-)
LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů passed another three shows with great results: IHA Prague got Excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU and CACIB, at regional show in Mlada Boleslav Exc. 1, clas winner and at IHA Nitra Excellent 1, CAC SK, CACIB and BOS.

Annie also worked hard and passed two working tests: SchwhK  I.pr. (88 points) and Vp ( LZ)  I.pr. (235 points).

At international Bau test at Slovakia did  HAIDA Grand Amity - 2x Ist price,  ID / I.V (90/100) in times about 1 minute. Her offsprings worked at CACT Bau - F. Vyslouzil Memorial, KOBUK Grand Amity finnished 10th, 2x 1st price,  I.D/I.V (60/72), KERRY Grand Amity 16th. 2x 1st price- I.V/I.D (72/64), both got title NORNÍK. KATMAI Grand Amity also fought hard, 2x II.price. hlasič .

KATMAI Grand Amity passed two shows - 2x excellent 2, passed breeding selection and got breeding licence. She also passed two tests: Sp + SFK I.c. (100 points) and LZ (Vp) II.c. (232 points).

 First show in baby class passed  LORRAINE Grand Amity - very promising 1.

Kobuk Grand Amity has offsprings in kennel  Kobeddus

Aur puppies already have new homes. Luna, Lilith and Lucas travelled to Spain, Liam, Lassie and Luthien live in Czech republic and Lorraine stays at home

Puppies from litter L has their own pages



Puppies grows very well

Lassie                                    Lilith                                   Lorraine                     Luna                   Luthien

Liam                            Lucas


Kobuk Grand Amity has nice visit - two very special girls from kennel  Kobeddus - Josta and Edelweiss.



Puppies will have month of age

Lassie                         Lilith             Lorraine         Luna Black              Luthien              Lucas

Stud male  KOBUK Grand Amity passed eye examitation with result PRA / Cataract free.
He also has confirmed with genetic test, that he's brown gene carrier.


We have puppies - Litter "L" 5 girls and 2 boys.



National dog show Brno - LITTLE ANN won CAC in intermediate class and became Czech Junior champion
KOBUK and KERRY BLACK Grand Amity both obtained "very good" and passed breeding selection.
Kobuk                                         Kerry Black

We expect litter "L"



Merry Christmas and Happy New year



Another succes of litter "K"  - young  KATMAI Grand Amity passed BZ (SchwhK), BZH and ZN (BhFK95) in Ist price during October,  at SchwhK finnished 2nd from all dogs, at BhFK 3rd. She also passed two international dog shows in Prague with results: excellent 2 / very good 1.

At international dog show Prague was presented also  KENT Grand Amity with results: Excellent 1, CAJC / very good 1.
HAIDA Grand Amity i nadále soutěžila v zahraničí, Na klubových barvářských zkouškách honičů (KSFDJ) si vybrala slabší chvilku na stopě a dokončila ve III. ceně (84b), na Klubových zkouškách honičů (KSDJ) došla ve II. ceně, na celkovém druhém místě (174b.)

A Momentálně se naše fenky baví hlavně na naháňkách.



Autumn is full of working trials. HAIDA Grand Amity and her son KOBUK Grand Amity passed Slovácký pohár. Both passed  LZ (Vp) and BZ (SchwhK) in I.st price, Haida LZ I.pr. (266), BZ I.pr. (112), seccond at Slovacky pohar, CACT. KOBUK LZ I.pr. (248) and BZ I.pr. (88), 4th at Slovacky pohar. 

In Hungary I took  Éclair, Haida and Indiana. ÉCLAIR passed fox in II.nd price (75) and passed water test Wa-T (32).  INDIANA got  I.pr. (100) and CACT-HU on fox, and III. price (47) od wildboars. HAIDA also got  I.price (100), CACT-HU on fox and also on wildboar I.pr. (100), CACT-HU, and passed water test Wa-T. (32). She finnished 2nd at Rinya Kupa

BhFK95 pased KOBUK Grand Amity (84), proce for best work on fox and  LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů (84). Annie now fulfilled all conditions to be used for breeding.  BhFK95 also passed KERRY BLACK Grand Amity (84)

KURO BLACK Grand Amity wisited us.

and we have trained bloodtracking with  KATMAI Grand Amity.



No time for internet in sumemer, but we have lot of news! LITTLE ANN was showed twice and obtained "excellent 2" and "excellent 1", CAJC, Best of Juniors.  In August she pased ZV (Czech Spurlaut) with 100% points and became trial winner. She Also succesfully passed breeding selection.

Annie at show in Mladá Boleslav

Annie at working test

I have travelled o Slovakia with INDIANA Grand Amity for club fox den trial. She passed first part in 2nd price, because of "3" for loudness and 2nd part in I.st price. And obtained title "norník".

KENT Grand Amity was also atthe dog shows. At IDS Mladá Boleslav finnished "excellent 2nd" and at Dachhund Club show was Excellent 1, CAJC and junior club winner. 

Kent in Mladá Boleslav

Kent at Club show

JESSICA Grad Amity passed two exams - Spurlaut and Wassertest with 100% points. You can find her pictures and profile at:



Little Annie was showed at Nitra - Slovakia dog shows and finnished Excellent 2 twice.

At the Word Dog Show in Moscow were presented three Dayvy Shegoday Grand Amity' s offsprings and grand-offsprings with great results: Tarantela.Rus NABOB NABOKOV was Excellent 3 in |Champion class, his son Sky Spirit MEGA SURPRIZ Excellent 2 , res. CAC in working class and Tarantela.Rus HARDBORA BARRUKKA - Excellent1, CAC in working class. Congratulations to Russia!

KATMAI Grand Amity was first time presented in junior class and got Excellent 1, Junior class winner. Congratulations to owner Alen Bartlova and thanks for pictures and presentation! 

At regional dog show Namest  na Hané was presented three siblings from kennel "z Mlýna od Jasinky" - offsprings of FRASER Grand Amity. All three of them also passed breeding selections:

ARGA - very good 1                                                                           ART - Excellent 1, class winner, regional winner

ARON - excellent 2



We went with ÉCLAIR and HAIDA to International den test to Polland in May. Better results has  ÉCLAIR, she springs the fox both days and obtained 2x 100 points and  CACIT title!
HAIDA has bad luck in first start, but on Sunday she spirngs the fox in 32 seccond and finnished 2nd in trial with 100 points

 FRASER Grand Amity became succesfull father in Klub show Jevicko. His daughter  BONA z Rohateckých zahrad finnished with Excellent 1, CAC. She's very similar to her father. On pistures are Bona and her brother Ben z Rohateckých zahrad.
BONA z Rohateckých zahrad   BEN z Rohateckých zahrad

And actual picture of  KERRY BLACK Grand Amity


Many many news :-) I am very proud for my youngster LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů, she passed  Spurlaut test in A100 points, test winner. At international dog show Prague she obtained Excellent 3, behind Charmaine Grand Amity's daughter (congratulations to her breeder and owner!) KATMAI Grand Amity (picture) was very promising 1.

This weekend passed several our ofssprings ZV - Spurlaut test in Czech republic:
CHERRY Grand Amity - ZV II.pr. (162b.)
KOBUK Grand Amity (pictura)- ZV III.pr. (121b.)
KATMAI Grand Amity - ZV I.pr. (184b.)



Time for pre-selection control of exterier.  KATMAI and KOBUK Grand Amity and also our  LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů were found free of defects.
KOBUK Grand Amity

KATMAI Grand Amity

LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů



Weekend meeting with Kerry Black Grand Amity

Jessica Grand Amity was at the show Excellent 1, Junior winner, BOB Junior a BOS. Congratulations!


Yong dogs started at shows. Little Annz Ratíškovských vinohradů was twice time "very promising 1" - at international dog show and at Special show Holysov. 

NAt Special show Holysov was also KENT Grand Amity inbaby class very promising 1.



All puppies are in their new homes, so I make them personal pages. You can find it here: KENT , KERRY BLACK, KAN BLACK, KOBUK, KURO BLACK,  KATMAI . Unfortunatelly, we also have bad news, Kan tragically died after few days in Spain. 
Kent, with his new familly
  Kerry with his new friend Kit, celebrating New Year

Also Litlle Ann has her personal page.



Puppies frok litter "K" is ready to go to their new homes.
KOBUK                                                                                            KURO

Litter "K" has own page with pedigree.

pages of Litter "K"
And father's pedigree: http://kobeddus.chiens-de-france.com/teckel-poil-dur,kobeddus,pedigree-chien,ch-kobeddus-daikuro,6951_656904.html

7 weeks



ÉCLAIR Grand Amity obtained Excellent 1, best of veterans in veteran class at International dog show Ceske Budejovice. She is now Czech veteran champion, WUT veteran champion and slovak Club veteran champion

Puppies outside  - 6 weeks



Autumn is full of shows and trials. ÉCLAIR Grand Amity was Excellent 1 at regional shhow Dzban. INDIANA Grand Amity passed wildboar track trial - BZH in I. price, 181 points and JASPER Grand Amity (photo) was BhFK trial winner -  ZN 84points.

And puppies grows quickly




Great news from Jessica Grand Amity's owner. She was at dachshunds club shov Very promising 1, Best puppy. Judge Damjana Z. Svegejl
(Jessica and her mate Jerma)



We have lot of news:

INDIANA Grand Amity passed Blood track trial SchwhK (BZ) in  I. st price, 88 points

We have now familly member!  LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů. She will have her own page soon.

And we have puppies! 5 boys and 1 girl. Three boys are black and tan, others wildboar. We still have three boys available (one black and tan and two wildboar)

Puppies names: Kerry Black, Kiff Black, Kuro Black, Kobuk, Kent and girl Katmai.

2 weeks



JASPER Grand Amity was at special dog show in Jevicko excellent 3. With his mate Daissy ze šanovských polí finnished seccond in couple competition.

Also offsprings of Diana Grad Amity were there  - Bertold Ohnivá Čára very good and Bibiana ohnivá Čára - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and BIS junior!! Congratulations to breeders-owners.
Bibiana Ohnivá Čára

Bertold Ohnivá Čára

FRASER Grand Amity passed genetic test for  rcd - PRA with result normal/normal.

Oour friend and Fanika´s owner Ludek Kubanek is making these beautifull things. Usable as prices on shows and trials, friend´s birthday or kennel presenattion. If you are interested, see hos web pages: www.vypalovanedesky.eu



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